The catechists of Our Lady of Mercy Parish, Pokhran, Thane were privileged and blessed to get a chance to live what they teach. Having introduced the power and beauty of forgiveness by getting children to think of prison-outreach, the catechists were themselves eager to have a first hand experience of a prison visit. The children of the Sunday School prepared beautiful cards with endearing messages for the prison-mates. One of the prisoners was over-joyed to have a card that seemed to speak personally to her and to top it the card was prepared by little Anooja who was exactly her daughters age.


It was indeed a fulfilling visit and we still cannot erase from our minds the joy of some of the prisoners, their welcome, their desire to be better citizens and work with LAABH once their term is served.


Special thanks to Fr. Norbert for casually instilling the seed of such an outreach and to Felcy who paved the way for us in there.