“I never could quite understand what really it meant when they said, “You need to be shaken up to feel”…Nepal our hearts are with you.”

The recent frequent earthquakes in Nepal have caused immense loss to life and property in the impoverished Himalayan nation.

In an endearing and beautiful way, LAABH Foundation has made its forays in Nepal the last 10 days. While the news channels screamed the death tolls and devastation of human life, what was it that made a few young men and women leave their cozy homes and rush to help in a tremor-filled mountainous terrain is beyond comprehension. Today, post 10 days of relief work as the time nears for many to return home, the heart is heavy to know there is still so much to cover. We, at LAABH wish to take up short term and long term projects to help rebuild Nepal. We plan to have a series of interventions planned and are seeking the help of corporates and private individuals to help not just with money which many are sending but also with their hands and hearts.

We would love to help you connect directly with the local volunteers who are in the thick of the action even as you are reading this message.

This great natural tragedy needs a greater human and humane response from our part. Come join hands as we connect with Nepal’s Chepang tribe in providing relief to the rural poor.

Your slightest contriution can help in a marvelous way – be it financial, material or just in person as a volunteer. In the least spread the word.

Come embark for a visual travel as Nepal survives their quaking earth through the photographs below and then watch a little video treat – for I tell you “It is sometimes a joy to smile for yourself for every good deed you do”:





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